Nambooze’s Camp Beg her Competitor to Switch to District Woman MP Seat

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As the political landscape shifts in Mukono district, the convergence of alliances and interests will ultimately determine the trajectory of the forthcoming elections.

The interplay between personalities, strategies, and aspirations of the community will shape the outcome that unfolds in 2026.

Already, Mukono Municipality has experienced a significant change, with Sheikh Abubaker Kayiwa, a well-established political aide to Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke, playing a central role.

Kayiwa publicly endorsed Fatumah Ndisaba Nabitaka, the current Mukono Resident District Commissioner (RDC), for the coveted position of District Woman Member of Parliament in the upcoming 2026 general elections instead of targeting her boss’s position, the Mukono Municipality MP seat.

The endorsement took place during Ndisaba’s celebratory return from the Holy pilgrimage in Mecca, a gathering that saw the convergence of notable dignitaries from government, NRM party and National Unity Platform (NUP) leaders from within the district.

Other NUP leaders who attended the function included; Erisa Mukasa Nkoyoyo, the Mukono Municipality Mayor, Robert Peter Kabanda, the Mukono Central Division chairperson, Herbert Humphrey Kyasa, the Goma Division chairperson, among others.

Sheikh Kayiwa, who has been at the forefront of spearheading Nambooze’s political campaigns over the past two terms, managed to captivate the attendees with his unexpected announcement.

Boldly, he proclaimed his intention to back Ndisaba for any forthcoming political office, so long as it didn’t conflict with the interests of his boss, Betty Nambooze.

Moreover, he opined that the most suitable role for Ndisaba would be the District Woman Member of Parliament. This sentiment was seconded by Susan Bogere Nsensebuse, another close associate of Nambooze.

However, Sheikh Kayiwa’s endorsement stirred up a passionate debate within the district. Speculations circulated that his words were a veiled expression of Nambooze’s stance, particularly considering her strained relationship with the incumbent District Woman MP, Hanipher Nabukeera.

Reports suggest that Nambooze is actively pursuing collaboration with the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, aiming at securing her position in the upcoming elections.

This strategic move arises from Nambooze’s shaky relationship with various NUP leaders and members within the district, resulting in a divided support base.

The division has led to the formation of two distinct factions-one aligned with Nambooze and the other with Nabukeera. Consequently, clashes and disagreements have escalated on social media platforms and within different clusters of supporters.

Nambooze’s Negotiations with NRM

Inside sources close to Nambooze’s camp indicate that she has engaged NRM higher-ups in discussions. She is believed to have suggested that NRM field a weaker candidate against her for the forthcoming elections, instead of a person of Ndisaba’s calibre whom she tested in 2016 parliamentary elections and she narrowly survived her.

Nonetheless, this plan hinges on her ability to identify key positions to yield to the ruling party as part of the agreement.

Insiders have also disclosed that choosing the District Woman MP position was a straightforward decision. Other roles, such as Nakifuma County and Mukono Municipality Mayor, have also been under consideration.

At the NUP headquarters, Nambooze’s responsibility centres on promoting less formidable candidates for designated roles, individuals who would be easier to defeat in elections than the current incumbents.

Nambooze has been notably supporting Merab Nalumu, a candidate who previously contested the District Woman MP seat under the Democratic Party banner.

In Nakifuma County, Sulaiman Kiwanuka has emerged as a strong contender due to his ties with NRM, potentially facing limited resistance during the general campaign.

Meanwhile, Erisa Mukasa Nkoyoyo, a close friend of Nambooze occupying the Mukono Municipality Mayor position, has faced waning popularity due to perceived failures and a disregard for party directives against the Kyankwanzi assembly.

Should the agreement between Nambooze and NRM leadership progress, aspirants vying for the Mukono Municipality position, including Andrew Ssenyonga, Dr. Daisy Ssonko, Mike Ssegawa, Herbert Batamye, and Abasi Ssozi, might miss out on NRM tickets.

What do Residents Say?

The opinions of the residents reflect a spectrum of views. Patrick Njawuzi acknowledges the strategic nature of such political manoeuvres, but he voices concerns about personal interests overshadowing the importance of electing capable leaders.

On the other hand, Muhammad Lubinga raises questions about Ndisaba’s decision to compete for the District Woman MP position, especially when her fellow Muslim is holding the seat, yet Nambooze has already held the role for Mukono Municipality MP seat for an extended period.

As the political chessboard continues to evolve in Mukono Municipality, the convergence of alliances and interests will ultimately determine the trajectory of the forthcoming elections.

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