The Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi confirmed the incident. PHOTO URN

Police Constable on the Run for Raping Suspect

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The Police in Jinja City are hunting for a police constable who allegedly raped a suspect from the police cell.

The Kiira Region Police spokesperson, James Mubi has identified the suspect as Salim Mugoya who was attached to Namaganga police post. Mugoya is said to have raped a 20-year-old suspect whose identity has been concealed.

It is reported that the suspect was having marital challenges with her husband and she resolved to abandon their two-year-old child, before fleeing to her grandmother’s home in Busedde sub-county in Jinja district.

Her husband filed a case of child desertion at Namaganga police post on 4th, February 2024, prompting Mugoya to arrest and detain her for the two nights of 7th and 8th, February.

The victim’s family member and her husband resolved to sort out the matter.  Mugoya had agreed to release her on police bond on Friday evening.

However, she declined to leave the police post as she accused Mugoya of repeatedly raping her for the past two nights she was under police custody.

The victim alleges that she attempted to resist, but Mugoya would lock her in the women’s cells, where he could repeatedly rape her throughout the two nights.

Officers from their territorial police command of Kakira police station swung into action and took the victim to Busedde Health Center IV for medical examination. Mugoya reportedly took advantage of the confusion to flee.

The Kiira regional police spokesperson, Mubi confirmed the incident, adding that, the medical examination confirmed forceful penetration.

Mubi said detectives have intensified the search for the suspect and that alerted police commanders from the territorial policing areas in Busoga to also be on the lookout.

The victim, according to Mubi is being accorded medical and psychosocial support.

Source – URN

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