President Museveni Recalls 3rd Corona Isolation Night

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Ugandans, especially the Bazzukulu.

Greetings. It is now day 3 in my Corona status. Yesterday, day 2 of my corona status, I felt very sleepy around 11am (the fifth hour of the day according to we, the People of the Tropics), yet I had slept well the previous night. Hence, I slept soundly up to the ninth hour of the day (3PM according to the People of the Temperate lands).

When I woke up, I was fresh and I wrote a short speech for the Rt. Hon. Nabbanja to give in Luwero today. I sent Nabbanja to Luwero because the VP, Alupo, is representing us in Lusaka- COMESA summit.

I slept at the fourth hour of the night, which the Europeans call 10PM and woke up at the 9th hour of the night (Shaaha mweenda z’ekiro) with a slight vague headache. I call it vague because it was not obwaabe (temples headache), it was not oruhora-hoore (the crown of the head) headache and it was not around the engata (the ring) of the head.

When I sat up and drank more water as advised by my daughter Patience Kokundeeka, the headache went away and I slept again.

According to my longtime doctor, Diana Atwiine, this is a mild case and should be managed conservatively by using vitamin C, other vitamins, especially –D and some anti-histamines.

“What are the other cases described as?” I asked Dr. Atwiine. The other cases could be described as: moderate or severe. These according to her, need different interventions.

When Atwiine announced my corona-status the other day, I am the one who told her to do it. I was still busy with other issues.

I will wait for two more days and do the test again. It seems immunization and the boosters for the immunization, do help.

I will keep you informed. Let everybody be fully vaccinated and for the elderly get boosters.

Happy Heroes Day celebrations.


Yoweri K. Museveni



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