Two ‘999’ Patrol Police Officers Charged over Impounding Motor Vehicle

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The Police have charged two of its officers attached to the ‘’999’’ response system, with discreditable conduct in the Police disciplinary court. Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson identified the suspects as; Sgt. Lokomol Joseph, the car commander and Sgt. Mutenya Joseph the driver.

Enanga said that the duo have been allegedly charged with helping staff of Platinum Finance Services to attach, a motor vehicle, Registration number UBB 033Y, Hiace Drone, that was parked at Mamu Garage, over an unpaid debt from its owner, Kyarimpa Deogratius.

“Sgt Lokomol and Sgt Mutenya, left their patrol beat on the 04.07.2023, at around 10:00am, without seeking clearance from the commander 999 systems or the Police controller, they abused their authority, by helping to unlawfully impound a motor vehicle from a garage, without a court order,” he said.

Enanga condemned the acts of impurity in the Force adding that; “As an organization we expect the high levels of discipline and professionalism from every Police officer. We continue to be transparent with our actions to the Public, whom we protect and serve.”

He warned that all officers who chose to act in such a discreditable manner will definitely find no place in the Uganda Police Force.

Upon conviction the disciplinary charge attracts punishment under the Police code of conduct that ranges from a reprimand to a dismissal from the Force.

Enanga said that the motor vehicle was recovered from the parking yard of Platinum Financial Services at Banda, and parked at Old Kampala Station, pending a handover to the owner or Mamu garage.

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