33 People Including a Mother, her 4 Children Perished in Road Accidents during Christmas Season

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The Traffic Police around the country registered 33 people who lost their lives during different road accidents that occurred between December 24-26, 2023. 

Michael Kananura, the Traffic Police spokesperson said that among the deceased, was a family of five people that included a mother and her four children.

“We registered one major road crash during this season in Kapachorwa, a single fatal crash which occurred on December 26, 2023 at 04:00 pm at Towei Corner Kapsindi along Kapchorwa – Mbale Road,” said Kananura adding;

“The accident involving Motor vehicle registration Number UBD 074J Prado Land Cruiser. It claimed lives of 05 people; including four children and their mother. Four other people, including the driver.”

Traffic Police also recorded 156 people that sustained serious injuries and we’re hospitalised.

Among the fatalities registered, pedestrians & riders, constituted 85% most these being upcountry. Highways were peaceful.

Kananura affirmed that during this season, they registered fewer road crashes compared to last season because of the interventions that started much earlier.

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