Five Die in a Boat Accident on Way from a Witch Doctor’s Party in Buvuma

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Five people have been confirmed to have died in a boat accident which occurred while coming from a witch doctor in Buvuma Islands.

Bugaya sub-county chairperson, Jodolo Sserwanja says the accident happened on Monday evening while clients to one of the witch doctors at Zigunga Island in Bugaya sub-county were retiring from a day-long party which is organised annually at the beginning of the year.

“The boat which was in poor conditions was overloaded yet some of the passengers were drunk,” Sserwanja said.

Hellen Butoto, the Ssezibwa Region Police spokesperson says the incident happened on January 1, at around 7:00pm in a boat traveling from Zigunga Island to Zinga in Bugaya sub-county.

Butoto has identified the deceased as Monday Bukenya (50), Sisa Nantaba (7), Lydia Nagita (16), Night Ssabano (9) and Angel Namuwaya (10).

She says that out of the undisclosed number of people who were traveling in the boat, 14 managed to survive the accident.

“Helped by their colleagues with swimming abilities, the 14 survivors were ably rescued and transported to Bugaya Health Centre III, where they are currently receiving medical attention,” she noted.

The survivors; Annet Bandibasa (35), Florence Nakintu (45), Samali Nalubega (3), Olivia Nalunga (6), Joseph Bukenya (50), Joseph Omodingi (15) and           Cynthia Kaguna (9).

Others include; David Mukasa (54), Kutusa Namatovu (40), Juma Kangungulu (13), Shaluwa Nishima (9), Precious Naziwa (6), Isa Yoweri (2) and a six-months-old baby boy Dan Sseluyembe.

Butoto adds that unfortunately, an unconfirmed number of individuals remain missing. It is alleged that the ill-fated boat, reportedly overloaded, broke into two pieces while attempting to dock at Zinga Island.

“We condole with the families affected by this tragedy. The marine police are still working to recover any additional bodies that may still be missing,” she said.

The Marine Police together with the residents are working hard to search for the missing bodies.



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