Give Up on Corruption Instead of Intimidating Us-LoP Ssenyonyi

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The Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP) Joel Ssenyonyi has reported mushrooming life threats and intimidations on individuals who have laboured to expose and shame the corrupt public officials.

Ssenyonyi however says the game is not yet to stop, adding; “We are not about to stop demanding for accountability of public funds, not even intimidations will deter us.”

He made the vow during Easter Sunday Service at St.Yusufu Lugalama Church of Uganda, Bbuye – Kigoowa Parish in Ntinda where he joined hundreds of faithfuls to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“Despite numerous intimidations, I will not stop asking for accountability even in Parliament. Some people are saying that I should not act as if I’m the first LOP. Truth is I’m not the first and I won’t be the last, but while I’m in this office I will execute my mandate of keeping the government in check,’’ he said.

According to the IGG, government loses close to sh10trn per year due to corruption, something Ssenyonyi says must stop.

“How many schools and hospitals can be built using these embezzled funds,’’ Ssenyonyi asked.

The leader of opposition contributed two million shillings towards the building of the new church.


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