LOP Ssenyonyi Asks IGG, DPP and Auditor General to Investigate Speaker Among Over Financial Impropriety 

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The Leader of Opposition (LOP) Joel Ssenyonyi has written to the Inspector General of Government (IGG), Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and Auditor General, asking them to act within their mandate to investigate matters of financial impropriety, and other issues that are happening here at Parliament.

Ssenyonyi says that the Speaker in 146 days received sh2.6bn and that when you do the tabulation, it shows that the Speaker was away for half a year.

“That isn’t true, the Speaker is always here, even when she had twins, two weeks later, she was back presiding over the House. So, there is no evidence to show that the Speaker was away for half the year for about six months, so these are critical issues that we are concerned about,” remarked Ssenyonyi.

The Leader of Opposition also revealed that following the failure by Parliament to comprehensively respond to the issues raised in public, this prompted him to write to the DPP, Jane Frances Abodo, Inspectorate of Government, Beti Kamya and Auditor General, John Muwanga to conduct an investigation into allegations of corruption and abuse of office at Parliament.

Ssenyonyi has asked Speaker Among not to use former Speaker Rebecca Kadaga & homosexuals to cover-up for the corruption allegations brought against her.

He said that Ugandans aren’t interested in her personal fights, but rather want accountability on how taxpayers’ money is spent.

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    146 day is not equivalent to 6months. It is equivalent to 4 months and 26 days. Hon. Senyonyi should also give us accountability of 16m he used to go to Kenya to see Hon. Segirinya

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