OPINION: Are The Ugandan Laws Segregative or Selective?

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Mary Goretti Kitutu, the Minister for Karamoja Affairs is to be aligned in court today alongside her brother who was assigned to sell the Iron sheets following his re-arrest yesterday.

It was the same scenario when Mike Mukula was arrested and sent to Luzira as his accomplices, Muhwezi and Kamugisha were left scot-free.

Kitutu from the East is now in hot soup while the arrogant Kashaija’s and many we could call untouchables are still happy eating all iron sheets, Karamoja Goats, Karamoja posho and every thing for Karamajongs.

What will the State look like if others are left?
What will the Easterners feel if today Kitutu is taken to Luzira?

Are we segregative or selective in criminality?

What was the role of our Maama Nabanja into the disappearance of the Karamoja goodies?

For how long has the Mabaati and other items for Karamoja been diverted without the public know?

Is the Kitutu arrest and court appearance the last nail into this saga?

Are we not capable of arresting all alleged Mins/Speakers and MPs at once?

How about Mzee relieving them with their duties to first answer the charges?

Memories Memories Mukula is painfully inside still crying and Kitutu may be sacrificed for the remaining untouchables.

God Bless Uganda and Protect the Thieves more.

By Davies Lukyamuzi

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