Police Arrest Four over Engaging into Homosexuality Acts with Indians

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The Police in Ssezibwa Region are holding four suspects for allegedly trading in homosexuality and lesbianism acts. Ssezibwa Region Police Spokesperson, Hellen Butoto has identified the suspects as; Nantume Patricia (26) who is the owner of Cloud 9 Massage and Chills Outs located at Bukaya West Zone in Njeru Municipality, Hope Nawasasira (20), Douglas Kibirige (25) and Denis Kirumira (27).

According to Butoto, the suspects were arrested and they are detained at Njeru Police Station on a Reference Number SD26/20/08/2023 as the investigations into their case are on-going.

The Police mouthpiece says that police got to know about this case from the Bukaya West Zone Defense Secretary who also got to know about it from one of the workers, Patricia Nahagwe (22) who had been terminated from the work after getting some misunderstandings with her boss.

“One Nahagwe, a Munyankole by tribe, who has been a worker at Cloud 9 Massage and Chill Outs reported the homosexuality practices that often take place at the place of massage,” she said.

Nahagwe told Police that the previous night of 19/08/2023 at around 3:00am; she got misunderstanding with Nantume (her boss) who is also a Munyankole by tribe, who decided to chase her away using some clients (men) who threw her out of the house while naked.

“The stranded Nahagwe had no option but to report the matter to the defense secretary who later forwarded her to Njeru Police that swung into action, arresting Nantume and other suspects,” Butoto said.

According to Nahagwe’s statement, most of their clients are Indians and that when they come for the massage, they then demand for anal sex at a cost and that the practice had been going on but because they needed money, they always accepted.

She further revealed that the owner of the business, one Nantume Patricia has an artificial penis (vibrator) which she also uses on the ladies who are working at the massage and she captures the video which she posts on TikTok.

“The scene was well documented and four suspects were arrested to help with investigations. Search was carried out and a number of things were recovered. The exhibits include; a vibrator (artificial penis), two packets of shisha flavour, bottles of oils used for either massage or even as lubricants for anal sex, tripods (camera stands) which she has been using to mount camera to capture their activities which they post on TikTok,” Butoto revealed.

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