Prominent Businessman Shoots Son Dead

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A prominent businessman in Lira City is in police custody for shooting his son dead. Haji Joe Ogwang, a resident of Ireda Estate in Lira City East Division shot his son Aaron Okello, during a heated altercation at Tipper stage in Kamuswahili Cell on Tuesday. 

Reports suggest that a confrontation arose when Okello demanded money from Ogwang. This led to a struggle in which Okello attempted to disarm his father, prompting him to fire a bullet that fatally injured his son.

Okello was rushed to Lira Medical Center but was pronounced dead upon arrival. Ogwang voluntarily surrendered to the Lira-City Central Police Station.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga Police Spokesperson, revealed preliminary findings indicating that Okello was a UPDF deserter with a history of violence. Additionally, a Pistol Registration No UG IND 99702870, along with 5 rounds of ammunition, was recovered.

The deceased’s body is lying at Lira Regional Referral Hospital’s mortuary pending a post-mortem examination. In a surprising turn, numerous city residents took to social media advocating for Ogwang’s immediate release, asserting that his actions prevented violent crimes in the city.

They claimed that the deceased had masterminded criminal activities, especially in areas like Central Park and Ireda Shamba. The deceased’s former schoolmate described him as a “violent person” who frequently engaged in physical altercations, even with school authorities.

“I shared the same class with Okello…he would fight students, cooks, askaris, teachers, and anyone who comes his way. When he was dismissed from school at the assembly, he went in front to receive his expulsion letter and immediately tore it right there in the presence of everyone and majestically marched  out of the gate!’ he said.

Nancy Abeja, a hotel owner near Tipper Stage, recounted instances where the deceased had troubled his father and harassed city residents at night. However, Abeja criticized the father for taking the law into his own hands.

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