Two Police Officers Dismissed from Police over Attempted Murder

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Two police officers have been dismissed by the police court over two separate incidents of attempted murder. Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson has identified the suspects as Detective Constable Moses Wabwire and Constable Ambrose Katumwene. 

Enanga says Wabwire who was deployed at Kaliro Police Station has been dismissed from the force for hacking his colleague, Constable Tyson Kutosi, nearly to death for denying him access to the station’s only motorcycle.

“Wabwire also picked up his gun and sporadically shot at everyone he saw at the station. Luckly, no police officer was injured by his random bullets. It’s clear that he was determined to kill,” Enanga said during the police’s weekly press conference held at Police headquarters at Naguru.

The police’s mouthpiece also said that Katumwene, who is attached to Kashozi Police Station in Sheema district, fired three bullets inside the rented house of a barmaid identified as Caroline Nakayanzi.

From the Professional Standards Investigations Unit, it was revealed that; “This police officer picked up his gun, went to the home of Nakyanzi and ordered her to open the house. When she refused, Katumwene fired three bullets into the door. This was also a clear murder motive.”

Police officers Wabwire and Katumwene were consequently arrested by teams deployed by their respective District Police Commanders and the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) decided to prosecute them in the force’s court.

Enanga explained that the dismissal was done to give space for the suspects to face full trial of attempted murder offences in the criminal courts as civilians.

He warned all police officers not to use their weapons to settle disagreements with their colleagues or civilians.

Last week, also Assistant Inspector of Police David Ekwang was dismissed from the force and later prosecuted in criminal court for shooting his wife Corporal Jennifer Atino to death.

The couple was deployed at the Counter Terrorism Directorate and were residing at Jinja Road Police Station. It was alleged that their woes emanated from child neglect accusations.

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