100 P7 Candidates Survive Death as Fire Guts Dormitory 

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Over 101 Primary Seven female candidates on Saturday cheated death as fire gutted their dormitory, leaving property worth millions of money destroyed .

The mysterious fire outbreak is said to have occurred at Kamuli Girls Primary School, situated in Bukwenge Cell in Kamuli Municipality, Kamuli District.

Michael Kasadha, the Busoga North Region Police spokesperson said the unfortunate incident occurred on Saturday, October 14, 2023 at approximately midnight.

Kasadha says the fire engulfed one of the dormitories for the P7 candidates which have been housing 101 pupils.

“Swift action by the matron ensured the safe evacuation of the students to a secure location, averting potential harm as the fire escalated,” he reported.

He added; “Our Fire and Rescue Services team successfully extinguished the flames. Regrettably, the pupils’ belongings, including beddings, metallic cases containing books, and personal effects, were all consumed by the fire.”

Preliminary investigations indicates that the fire originated from an unoccupied lower bed. The pupil on the upper bed felt the heat and promptly reported it to the matron.

Upon receiving the alert, the matron said she attempted to combat the fire with a fire extinguisher during its early stages though her efforts did not yield results as the fire proved uncontrollable. She therefore gave priority to evacuating the pupils over belongings.

“Our teams are conducting thorough investigations to determine the root cause of this devastating fire outbreak,” Kasadha said.


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