Robert Kyagaba, one of the tutors handing over a drawing of Lt. Gen. Proscovia Nalweyiso to her as a token of appreciation from the students.

Gen. Nalweyiso Trains, Equips Women with Technical Skills

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Nalweyiso Technical Academy, an initiative of Rtd. Lt. Gen. Proscovia Nalweyiso on Saturday graduated the second cohort of women and girls who have undergone a training of six months in tailoring. The graduation which was presided over by Mukono Resident District Commissioner, Fatuma Ndisaba Nabitaka was held at Lt. Gen. Nalweyiso’s home at Ntaawo in Mukono Central Division, Mukono Municipality.

Lukia Nalunga, the wife of the village chairman, Male Bakipapankulawa (left) receiving her certificate from RDC Ndisaba as Hajji Ssebaggala (right) looks on.

Robert Kyagaba, one of the tutors said that for the moment, the academy is only enrolling women including those who are married and teens of all sex who are yearning for technical skills to take them on in life.

Nalweyiso said throughout her life, she has been helping people more so those with health complications and that she had thought of building a health facility which would be treating patients for free.

“Unfortunately, as I started on that dream, I realised it was not so easy. I resorted to helping my fellow village mates through skilling them, the same way my Commander in Chief, President Yoweri Museveni is doing through the skilling Uganda program,” Gen. Nalweyiso narrated.

Gen. Nalweyiso speaking during the graduation which was held at her home.

She added: “I started with 38 women and now 41 have been passed out. The first batch I gave them sewing machines and start-up capital of sh500,000. It’s the same thing I have done to this cohort.”

Nalweyiso however cautioned the graduating students to endeavour to keep the sewing machines saying if they feel like getting money out of them, they should take them back to her and she gives them money instead of selling them out at relatively cheaper prices.

She said she had already bought land where she is going to build the institution.

“I have put this institution in my will, meaning even my death cannot deter it. If I die, my other directors must build it without fail,” Nalweyiso said.

The ladies showcasing the designs they made after acquiring the skill.

Nalweyiso said though she intended to help both male and female, the organisers first recruited only female for the first two batches.

“The number of students has grown to 60 including males. I don’t care about one’s gender, political party or religious affiliation. I want to impact everyone who is ready for development,” she said.

Among the graduating students is Lukia Nalunga, the wife of the village chairman, Male Bakipapankulawa. Nalunga said that she operates a roadside stall and that when she heard about Gen. Nalweyiso’s opportunity to skill her in tailoring, she could not let it go.

The ladies showcasing the designs they made after acquiring the skill.

“I am happy that I have fully completed the course and I am entirely skilled. I managed to make this attire I am putting on as each student was assigned to make their graduating attire,” Nalunga said.

Zaitun Nabirumbi, the wife of the area Imam, was also among the lucky finalists.

Male, the Ntaawo cell chairperson said that when the house wives are skilled and equipped, they are able to work and get money, settling some of the home needs.

“When women have money, they have the ability to solve most of the challenges of their families. In the end, domestic violence cases are going to be reduced,” he said.

Dr. Daisy Ssonko, the NRM flag bearer for Mukono Municipal Mayor thanked Gen. Nalweyiso for the initiative and asked her to have it extend to the entire Mukono municipality and the district at large.

Mukono district NRM chairman, Hajji Twahir Ssebaggala showed gratitude to Gen. Nalweyiso for having impacted her community other than the many government servants who just build fences around them to disassociate them from the local people.

The ladies showcasing the designs they made after acquiring the skill.

“This depicts the true general of President Museveni. No wonder you are the highest ranking female army officer not only in UPDF but also in East Africa. Continue serving the people even during your retirement,” Ssebaggala said.

RDC Ndisaba said Gen. Nalweyiso already assigned her to work on the paper work which will have the academy fully registered by the Ministry of Education and the national vocational training regulating bodies.

She advised other women and youth to get enrolled into Gen. Nalweyiso’s program saying it doesn’t matter for someone holding a diploma or degree in other fields to also get a certificate or diploma in vocational skills.

The finalists showcased the different designs they managed to make as part of their assignments.

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