Jesjonny PS Mukono Registers Record PLE Results

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Jesjonny Day and Boarding Primary School Mukono have registered record results in last year’s Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) leaving its competitors silenced.

Located in Ngandu Cell, in Mukono Central Division, Jesjonny had over the time gained popularity in the field of Music, Dance and Drummer (MDD); fortunately, it has also gained much improvement in the academics side.

Dorothy Nangonzi Musoke of Jesjonny Primary School Mukono celebrating the 4 aggregates with her mother Hajarah Mutesi (left).

According to the headteacher, Godfrey Kigongo Bwabye, from the 2023 PLE results, the school scored 40 first grades out of the 60 candidates which sat for the national exams. Bwabye says Jesjonny also registered candidates with 4 aggregates.

Dorothy Nangonzi Musoke is among the lucky candidates who shined with 4 aggregates. Nangonzi (14) is a daughter of Hajarah Mutesi and Pius Musoke of Nabuti Cell in Mukono Municipality.

While sharing her story with Kyaggwe TV website, Nangonzi said that she had a dream of scoring 4 aggregates in PLE, which eventually came to pass.

However, she recalls that when she scored 11 aggregates from her mock exams, she realised something was wrong and started refocusing until she went back to the right path.

“I realised my mistakes and made self-corrections. Thank God, with the 4 aggregates, my dream has come true,” said the over joyous Nangonzi.

She wants to become a doctor so that she can be able to save lives.

Jesjonny Primary School director Geoffrey Mayanja (second right) celebrating with the best candidates who shined in the 2023 PLE results.

“I could not believe what I saw on television during the COVID 19 outbreak as the country almost ran short of qualified doctors. I want to join the medical profession so that I can be counted among the life savers,” she said.

Nangonzi’s mother Mutesi said that she prayed for her daughter and she was happy that God had answered her prayers.

Sharifa Nakivumbi (left) scored 7 aggregates and Pauline Ddamulira with 6 aggregates joined by their headteacher, Godfrey Kigongo Bwabye to celebrate the PLE results.

“My daughter is so hardworking and confident, she always believes in making it to victory. I have trust in her that she will be able to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor,” she said.

At Jesjonny, Nangonzi was followed by two boys, Cyrus Sserunjogi and Paul Ssessanga who scored five aggregates.

Sserunjogi wants to become a doctor too yet Ssessanga eyes joining the profession of the learned friends who are the lawyers.

Candidates from Jesjonny Primary School in Mukono celebrating the PLE results on Thursday. From left, Cyrus Sserunjogi with five aggregates, Dorothy Nangonzi Musoke of four aggregates and Paul Ssessanga with five aggregates.
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